Les Contes à Colorier

(or the “Draw Along Tales” in English)

published by Bayard Jeunesse, France, 2016 in 4 collectable draw-inside books,

Hansel & Gretel, Cindrillon, Boucle d’Or, Les Trois Petits Cochons

Contes a Colorier Display

My 4 Contes a Colorier / Tales to complete and colour in –

here is a great display case designed for bookshops.

It all started with an English pun. ‘Draw the curtains quick!’  I imagined this wolf leering, the piggies cowering inside the brick house  – and the joy you’d get scribbling black curtains over him with a  felt pen .

Wolf at the Window ©BridgetMarzo

Wolf at the Window ©BridgetMarzo

I’ve adapted 4 famous fairy tales (Goldilocks, The Three Pigs, Cinderella and Hansel and Gretel) so that kids can have fun participating with their pencils to help their characters through the story.  They can draw nails on the piggies door to block Mr Wolf’s entrance, help Hansel and Gretal find their way in the dark forest, mend the Little Bear’s chair after Goldilocks brakes it, and colour each story in too.

I’ve worked on ideas for these stories in English for some years – and my French publisher, Bayard Jeunesse  helped me adapt them for the French market.  I hope they’ll be out in their original English version one day too!

If you’ve a few minutes to spare you can  listen to me being interviewed in French with some glimpses of this and other books I’ve done for Bayard Jeunesse.