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Back in London after decades in France, I’ve been writing again as well as illustrating.  For my new and very different books like Tiz & Ott’s Big Draw, I’m simplifying everything including my name from Bridget Strevens Marzo to  – Bridget Marzo.


Writing a biography ‘about me’ is a bit like drawing a maze… It is easy to go off the page, especially as you get older and the maze grows more complicated.

I started this page with a lot of chat about my children’s book career working for publishers in France and elsewhere, with things I  learnt from studying art history and copying paintings and teaching for over a decade in a Bauhaus-inspired art school in Paris  –  and giving workshops for kids – and adults – around the world.  Too many words!

For now if you want to read more about me – and/or  see my previous books ( Im sharing a few illustrations  on the sample art page), you can pop over to my archive site bridgetstrevens.com.

And here are two recent interviews:

The Kidcandoodle   “Drawn Out” interview – meant  I had to reply  to their questions with some quick drawings.  Can you guess what the question was to this reply I drew? Answer here!

If you’ve time, here are some rambling replies, pics of my work wall and more on a rich and diverse blog about children’s books Ms Marple’s Musings


Bio maze B photo1 RGB



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