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Cover of You,Me & Our Whole Wide World, a book about togetherness

You, Me and Our Whole Wide World (Walker Books UK)

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Author review by Antoinette Brooks:  ‘ A beautiful book with vibrant illustrations which are sure to capture the attention of your little one. Bridget Marzo has created a gem of a book that shows toddlers and youngsters from diverse backgrounds, both able and differently-abled, and from different cultures too. Each page is a celebration of what makes the reader connected to and part of a community, whilst celebrating their uniqueness too. Young children will love hearing this book read to them, while they explore how the characters grow and develop from page to page.’

Diverse people ages, across daytime and night on either side of our worldworld

from You, Me and Our Whole Wide World  © Bridget Marzo ‘There are millions of people in our whole wide world…

Children making a sandcastle on a beach

A detail  ‘Soon you made a friend or two’  © Bridget Marzo





Tiz and Ott Bridget Marzo

Tiz and Ott’s Big Draw  (Tate Publishing UK  and Abrams US)  ISBN-10:1849763100

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Kate Kellaway, The Guardian  There is a particular sort of illustrator who understands that less is more, knows when to stop, sees the virtues of travelling light. Tiz & Ott’s Big Draw by Bridget Marzo (Tate £9.99) captivates with its economy. It encourages children, with an unintimidating gaiety, to draw. Tiz is a marmalade cat (his stripes 18 strokes of an orange crayon, his mouth a single upturned black line). Ott is a cheerier donkey than Eeyore (though in possession of a blue tail). The two artists wield outsized equipment: multicoloured crayon and paintbrush. They learn about creativity: it is best not to sleep on the job; it is sometimes good to collaborate; if you paint a storm, you might get swept away. Adults will derive metaphorical mileage from the story and relish the remedy for a creative block as much as any child: out of a deep hole emerges a rainbow-coloured ladder. A joy of a book – all ages.’

See this 80 second film of  children drawing at  Bridget’s  Tiz & Ottt  very Big Draw  family event in Tate Britain.  In less than an hour children made heir own pop-up gallery for Tiz and Ott in the museum


Kirkus US starred review!

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