You, Me and our Whole Wide World


Cover of You,Me & Our Whole Wide World, a book about togetherness

Hardback published by Walker Books UK in 2022 and available in paperback from 2023

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One of Booktrust Best Children’s Books of the Year chosen by authors and illustrators

Review by Bookwagon UK  Bridget Marzo timetables the growth and development of every one of us through her poetic text and moving, changing, positive, white framed pictures. She reminds us that ‘We keep on growing,/ one way or another knowing…/ that/ every single one of us/ is unique/ and yet…/ together’.    Bookwagon loves this picture book of change, growth and connection that reminds us of our special, united places in the world. We recommends You, Me and Our Whole Wide World for reading together, pouring over alone, sharing, loving and knowing well.

Review by Antoinette Brooks

A Beautiful Book that celebrates how each child is connected to community ‘ A beautiful book with vibrant illustrations which are sure to capture the attention of your little one. Bridget Marzo has created a gem of a book that shows toddlers and youngsters from diverse backgrounds, both able and differently-abled, and from different cultures too. Each page is a celebration of what makes the reader connected to and part of a community, whilst celebrating their uniqueness too. Young children will love hearing this book read to them, while they explore how the characters grow and develop from page to page.’

Diverse people ages, across daytime and night on either side of our worldworld

from You, Me and Our Whole Wide World  © Bridget Marzo ‘There are millions of people in our whole wide world…

Two children touching their pregnant mums' tummies mums women

Once you were a tiny dot…
© Bridget Marzo

Children making a sandcastle on a beach

‘Soon you made a friend or two’

© Bridget Marzo

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